WD TV Live Hub and Intel WiDi


Anybody knows if the TV Live Hub will work with Intel Wireless Displays?

I’m thinking about getting the hub but am not sure if I’ll need to buy anything else to get the monitor from my laptop to display wirelessly on the TV.


You need to read this page a bit better…

The WD Live Hub is nothing to do with it at all.

Your laptop and or TV needs to support it.


Widi is supposed to work with DLNA devices


however other gen3 users have had problems


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if I’ll need to buy anything else to get the monitor from my laptop to display wirelessly on the TV


It was the above sentence in his post, that made me thing he was looking for the Hub to do the work, rather than using any devices that had Widi.

I assumed that his laptop has WiDi.

Unsure, but he seems to be more intersted in showing his screen than files, so I think he is a bit confused as to what the Hub is for.

Thanks for the help, I have a WiDi laptop and am considering the WD TV Live Hub mainly for storing and playing videos, for Youtube or other apps streaming and, just occasionally, for displaying the laptop monitor content on the TV without the hustle of cables, so I was wondering if the Hub had WiDi technology, sorry for not being clear on this. I guess it might work then, I’ll give it a go.

It does not have Widi technology.

What you want  will only work if your TV had Widi technology.


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Out if interest, it seems that miracast etc is certified for the live streaming gen3.


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