WD TV Live Hub 1TB, TV out of sync every time after power down then up

I just brought a TV Live Hub 1TB version (firmware version 3.01.19), and have problem every time I power down the device then power up. After power up, my TV is always out of sync (image flashing). And I have to go to Setup -> Audio/Video output -> Video output -> component 480p. It is really annoying to navigate under flashing TV display. Anyone know any solution to this? Thanks in advance.

Try a different HDMI cable. Sometimes that is the problem. If that doesn’t work…

Certain TVs have a problem with the HDMI handshaking that is supposed to automatically set up your WD box to sync with your TV. I have the same problem with my Live Plus box. The problem is that the box does not remember the video setting that you manually set (when HDMI auto-negotiation does not work).

There is not too much that you can do except to report the problem to WD and hope that they can fix it in a future firmware release. You can also try the component video output instead of HDMI.