WD TV Live HUB 1TB & BELKIN F5D4077 Surf Powerline AV

**Hi Guys,

Looking to purchase a WD Hub and want to connect it to my network via ethernet, and not wireless. I was looking at purchasing BELKIN F5D4077 Surf Powerline AV Adaptor Kit in order to run the internet through the house electric and connect the Hub to my network. I know WD do their own Powerline adapter, but I can’t purchase the own brand WD unfortunately.

Would this work fine? Can I hook 1 Belkin up to my router then have the other in my lounge, connecting to the WD Hub? 

Would this cause any issues?

Your help is greatly appreciated,


Can’t see any problem. I have a couple of AV power adaptors and my hub works OK - much better than wireless.

Thank you