WD TV Live - how to capture stream from computer

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I’ve recently discovered you could grab your phone and play a YouTube video and an icon will appear at the top right to forward it to the WD TV Live device and watch on your TV screen.

I’d like to do the same with another streaming website that doesn’t have that little icon appearing. Surely it’s possible. How can I do that ? (forwarding the live stream onto my WD TV Live so it plays on my TV).

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I have never tried this since it is not supported. The only app that supports this on the WD TV is youtube.

correction to the above

the WD is a DNLA renderer

any program that can forward a DNLA stream can be used

also the WD supports miracast to mirror a screen

thanks for your replies guys ! Could you give me a link or something to how I could get this done ? I’ve tried to connect my computer to the WD TV, but the WD TV requires a username and password, and I couldn’t get it done (tried with both a Mac and a Windows PC). Please walk me through this, I searched online a lot but actually couldn’t find a solution.

there is no 1 program

DNLA controls points are typically available on phones or tablets

see examples of buble upnp or media monkey, etc … android play store

they’re a dime a dozen

there’s a few desktop apps that do dnla, like the windows play to function is dnla based

but I don’t think that can stream from online, only locally stored content


is primarily an android thing

but I think there’s some windows mircast functionality as well, depends on what version of windows etc

never tried mircast myself

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alright I see…well I’ll keep trying I guess, thanks for your info !

which streaming website are you trying to miracast to your WDTV ?