WD TV Live - How to add a new Meta-Source for Videos/Movies?

Hi All,

There seems to be no information that I can find relating to adding a new Meta-Source to my new WDBGXT0000NBK-AESN WD TV Live.

I found this link: http://wdtvhubgen.codeplex.com/ but the files does not seem to work and says the XML is unusable.

I have several movies with which the current defaulted TMDB Meta-Source pulls up no information for movie, or does have the DVD cover picture, but all of the synopsis etc is completely blank.

I’d like to add a new Meta-Source so I can add the desired info.

Any help/advice/feedback welcomed. If you require more info in order to assist please ask in the thread.

Many thanks.

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Your best bet is to support the open-database community…  If you’re finding movies on TMDB with incorrect or missing information, log in and FIX IT.

Short of that, creating your own XML is going to be far more efficient than seeking multiple content providers that “might” have your information.

Is there a guide for creating your own XML (for beginners) that someone can post on this thread please?

I need help to create my own XML. Any tutorial on web that works with WD live tv streammer

Best regards.

You can use ThumbGen, http://thumbgen.org/

It creates the .xml, and also get covers.