WD TV Live HDMI auto setting - what does it do?

I set up my WDTV Live the other day with no insurmountable problems. I settled on using firmware 1.04.22_V and all seems OK

Its connected to my Philips LED TV via HDMI and in the video output setting I naturally selected Auto, along with auto colourspace and match framerate to on.

But what is the HDMI auto setting supposed to do? I assumed it would match the video resolution of the file being played but thats not the case. No matter what file I play, whether its 576i 720p 1080i or 1080p the resolution is always 1080p. At this setting my interlaced files dont look very good. If I manually set HDMI to 1080i they look cleaner and sharper.

Is there a way to achieved this through the HDMI auto setting or is that not what it means…?


No, *all* WD’s UPSCALE.

The HDMI Auto detection is only supposed to detect the highest NATIVE resolution that your TV prefers, and sets its video output to that resolution.  Auto doesn’t work correctly with some manufacturer’s TV’s.

I don’t have a single interlaced video in my collection of over 1400 video files, so I can’t help you with that!  :)

thanks Tony, Ok that makes sense…

until I purchased the Live I used my USB HDD on my BD player to playback files. The picture quality was 1st class on all files, both i and p. I did notice that if the original file was interlaced, playback of the converted file was far better if it was re-encoded  as interlaced rather than de-interlacing and encoding it as progressive.

Oh well, seems like I have to find a way of naming my files to show is they are p or i then!


PS do you convert your files yourself? If so what de-interlacer do you use?

Yep…  I use Handbrake and its optional De-Combing filter.   De-interlacing is enabled on ALL files;  Handbrake will never create an interlaced file.

ok thanks, I’ll take a look, I’ve been using MeGUI for all my x264 encoding.