WD TV Live HD turns itself on during the night

Since upgrading to firmware 1.04.17_v my wd tv live HD keeps turning on overnight. I have a single external drive attached.

I have found that when you pull the AC power and plug it back in, the WD box turns itself on. Could it be that you had a power glitch (momentarily lost AC power) during the night which caused it to turn on?

I noticed that too, but I can rule it out as an explanation. I have the media player (and the hard drive) plugged into a UPS, and I just literally saw the player turn itself on and can confirm that there were no power related problems.

The exact same thing is happening to me to since i’ve updated to the latest firmware.  Its pretty annoying, because every day I have to turn the unit off due to its automatic on.  I hope this gets fixed soon.

Same thing here.  It actually started with the previous version of the firmware but downgraded it.  I am disappointed to see it has not been fixed.

I just thought I’d update this thread with the observation that for no obvious reason the problem seems to have gone away. I haven’t seen an auto-on for several weeks.

May have been a ghost who really wanted to watch a film in peace :wink: