WD TV Live HD player freezes up when looking a movie

My yesterday bought WD TV Live freezes up
I have connected a 1,5 TB with 338 movies stored on it.
When looking at a movie (30min) suddenly the unit freezes and listens only to the back button.
Switching the device off with the remote don’t solve this problem switching it on ill still get the same freezed frame where the movie was stopped, only pulling the power cord will solve the problem.
Installing the latest firmware didn’t solve this problem.

Is there anyone with the same problem.

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Does it do this will all of the movies, or only this one?  If just this one, it’s probably encoded badly.  How did you create it?

THX for the fat reply

I have not looked all the movies yet but it is a good suggetstion.

the problem is not occurring with all off the movies

Just post the MediaInfo for the movie that causes this issue and we can probably help (if it’s an MKV file encoded with MKVMerge that’s the problem right there, though).


Just now i was looking up the point (fast forward) of a movie (Video.TS ) that i was looking last night and i wanted to see the end of it  suddenly it freezes up and now i can’t do anything with the WDPLAYER, but taking the powercord out.

Further more in the top of my screen (in general) i get the message :media library compilation requires more storage space 5723MB: don’t no what to do.

I have connected a USB 1,5 TB harddrive containing 328 movies.


You can delete the small WD folder/file on that USB drive and try buidling the library again (or turn off media library completely in the settings).

You can definitely freeze up the Live under certain circumstances – no way around that except to pull the cord.  It’s kind of like the doctor’s advice (“Doc, it hurts when I do this”.  “Don’t do that!”)  To go to the end of a movie, don’t use FF but start in FF and then press the skip key (which will go by ten minutes at a press).

this is good info


will do

no messages of library/storage space faults (adjusted the settings)

mmmmmmmmm but how can i skip something (no skip button )

It’s the next button (I’m not at my remote right now, but it’s the button that when you are looking at all your movies will skip ahead a screen, and when you are playing a movie and in “play” mode will skip to the next movie.  It’s there, you just have to find it).

You go into FF mode (no matter how fast, even 2x) and then press this button and it moves ahead ten minutes (it will also go backwards with the “back skip” key).  If you really and truly can’t find it either someone here will be more specific or I’ll go get my remote and tell you (but I’m off for a nap right now so I won’t be back on for an hour or two).

thx again

I did not see that it was a combination of the two buttons FF and then the next key