WD TV Live HD Media Play Digital Audio (problem) stops during playback

Dear all,

I have a WD TV Live HD Media Player with firmware version 1.02.21. The media player is connected to an external hard disk, containing amongst others media file with digital audio. The media player is also connected to a dobly digital 7.1 receiver via an optical audio cable and an analog cable. My audio receiver automatically switches to the appropriate setting depending on the audio type. My issue is that when I set the “Audio output” settings in the WD media player to “Digital” it often happens that during playback the sounds stops. When I disconnect the optical audio cable and reconnect it several times the sound reappears (temporarily). When I set my “Audio output” settings to “Stereo” the same file plays the audio (of course not in digital format as preferred) correctly.

Could anyone give me some advice?

Well, it sounds like your receiver is losing Sync with the bitstream.

The ONLY device that’s aware of a cable disconect / reconnect is your AVR.   If that “Fixes” the problem, then it points to either the cable or the AVR as having a difficulty, because they WDTV is just going to keep sending data out that port even if a cable is disconnected.   It’s not going to “Change” what it’s doing.

If just leaving the cable alone does NOT fix it by itself, then that again points to the receiver losing sync and not able to resync unless the bitsream completely disappears.

Again, it could be the cable or the AVR itself (or the physical connection at the WDTV.)

Thanks for the reply. I am going to upgrade my cable because my receiver work without any issues with other digital sources and will let you know if it solved the problem.