WD TV LIVE - Hauppauge with WinTV Extend

I was wondering if anyone has heard of any support coming for the WD TV which will interact with Win TV Extend?

While I find the WD TV LIVE to be excellent for streaming domestic network content (music, even MKV video!, etc) I want to be able to stream cable TV over my network… no different than I can with my Xbox Media Player Extender.  Using an over-the-air hauppauge capture card plugged into the WD TV to view Live TV misses the mark - but is so close!

It is unfortunate that Xbox is no good at playing MKV or other high res (domestic network content) formats otherwise I’d stick with that solution and get one for every TV in my house… but it can’t… so I’ve gone down the path of WD TV LIVE (which seems pretty great for every video format).

At the end of the day, I want to reduce the number of HD Cable Boxes I have (Rogers In Ontario chargest $15 a month rental fee for each - I have to rent 2 = Stupid) and connect my WD TV LIVE to my network’d computer’s Hauppauge Collosus like I can do with Media Center and play all my domestic network content and what I capture off cable… if it could do that, I’d get one for every TV.

Anybody know of a solution that can do this other than buying a computer for every TV?

No that I know.

Have you tried to contact WD support about it?

I also want to stream live TV from a central source to TVs around my house, except I want to use it for local over-the-air channels. The WD TV Live firmware version 1.12.14 has a Hauppauge WinTV application in its “Live TV” menu but it does not specifically say it is for the Extend product. I emailed Hauppauge about a month ago and their response is below. I wonder who writes the part of the WD firmware that says Hauppauge. I hate to shell out money for a Hauppauge card and not have it be able to talk to WD TV Live. Another requirement I have is an RF remote so that I can control the TV tuner card from all over the house.


We do not really test with 3rd party applications and so we cannot confirm whether our products work with WD Live TV.

If you are looking to stream tv to other computers within your network any of our current HVR product line is supported by our wintv7.2 with extend app which will allow you to stream to other computers one at a time.