WD TV Live hangs for ages when connecting to network


My WD TV Live hangs for ages on boot on the screen Connecting to Network. 

After 5 mins or so it does boot to the menu screen and is connected then.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is connected via ethernet or not.

I’ve tried resetting the router (BT Homehub 2) and updating the firmware.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Mine kind of does the same thing, with MLB games. Once I lose network connection, it just freezes up for like 5 minutes. I can either reboot or wait for like 5 minutes. Definatly a pain.


No this isn’t the problem.

Mine hangs for 5 mins or so when booting from cold.

It’s not the fact that it’s lost the network connection, it could be that it is not negotiating a network connection quickly but I don’t know how to tell.