WD TV LIVE HAD freezes on video preview mode menu's are scrambled

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Good day

I have had the WD TV Live HD for a few years now and I’ve been very impressed by it, until recently I’ve had problems getting it to play video files, via either the network or an external the minute I navigate to the video folder (Preview mode not list or thumbnail) I starts previewing the file (which is normal) except when I try to play the video in full screen, the screen goes black except where the video preview thumbnail is still playing (with audio) and the blue circle is spinning, why is it doing that. Then I turned off the preview mode and switched to list mode and now when I click the video it starts playing in full screen but you cannot stop/pause/rewind, etc anything and the movie does not stop playing after you click back.

And the network/wd menus is scrambled with pieces of characters in each submenu.

I have the latest firmware on it (I tried rolling back and then upgrading again but still nothing)

Please help.


Sorry, the ISSUE REPORTING section is only for the 2011-model WDTV Live.

There is no issue reporting section for the 2009 WDTV Live.

I have the exact same issue.

I have a WDBAAP0000NBK-01 model, with the latest firmware 1.06.15V.

When reverting vack to 1.02 I can play video files normally.

Did you found a solution?