WD TV Live "get content info" scan folder instead of filename

Hello everybody,

I’d like to know if there is a way to get movie info scanning the folder name instead of the filename.

I have a folder structure like this for movies:

–MOVIES (folder)

  --007 Skyfall (folder)

     007 Skyfall (720p - ITA AC3 ENG DTS).mkv (filename)

  --Act Of Valor (folder)

     Act Of Valor (720p - ITA ENG AC3).mkv (filename)

and so on.

With this type of folder structure, XBMC has no problem finding info on moviedb.org but the WD TV Live seems to only search for the filename and consequently cannot get content info.

Do I need to rename filenames or there is a way to tell the WD TV Live to scan by folder name?




No, it only scans by filename.

I see.

Well, thanks anyway; I need to do some edit tonight :cry: