Wd tv live gen3 firmware?

WHY don’t you release any newest firmware than 2.01.86 (12/2013)???

 There is a lot of issues that must be added to this product

some of them are

  1. Return to the video file it was played last from a playlist of videos and NOT at first one.

  2. Display the full haracteristic of a video file.

  3. If it happening do menu faster than it is because now it is toooo slow compared with older models of wd tv live gen1 and gen2

If you stop supporting it can you tell us when wd released the newer model maybe wd tv live gen4?


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Currently, we don’t have any information as to when a new firmware will be release. As a recommendation, add this comment to the ideas board so it will go through the WD Development team.

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Still we waiting for newer firmware for that product.


WD simply STOPPED support the wd tv live gen3.

It continue to support the wd tv but NOT THE WD TV LIVE GEN3.

Says who? You? It must be true then.

What the heck are you talking about???

We talk about wd tv live gen3 NOT for lg or any other product you mentioning at the link you shows us.

That’s my signature! Ever heard of those? As they are attached to every posting I make, they obviously can’t  refer to each! can’t be that difficult, no?

Also, the fact that the new WDTV has been introduced does NOT mean, there won’t be another firmware for the Live Streaming so stop spreading rumors.

Tell me to which of my previews post i tallied to people is lies.

Which is the latest firmare for wd tv live gen3???

Isn’t the 2.01.86 (12/2013) latest firmware for that?

I believe one product that had almost a year to release newer firmware it stop supporting.

It is simple logic

Locking this thread since the point has already been made. WD has not made any official announcement for future firmware updates on the WDTV Streaming.