WD TV Live Gen3 Buffering

Hi. I have Gen3 model number: WDBHG70000NBK. Actually I have 2 of them. Both seem to have problems playing more than 6-7 Meg bit-rates. I have tried moving my computer closer and replacing wiring to no available. Right now I have a switch sitting next to computer and computer is plugged into it. And WD is only 15 feet away and its also plugged into the same switch. I prefer to share folders from my computer and then select “network share” on WD. I have used Serviio and Plex. Both are junk in my opinion. Serviio doesn’t see new files added and Plex plays different files then the ones you select. Im hoping someone here can tell me what is going on. I have latest firmware on both WDs. Sometimes it plays files fine and sometimes it doesn’t. Is this what I should be expecting from WD? Im reading that their network interfaces are garbage. Would homebrew help? Thank you very much.

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6-7 megabit per second shouldn’t even break a sweat.   It’s more than capable of playing 30-40mbit per second (even higher in cases) bluray rips…

My only guesses is that your computer is struggling to keep up, or that your network is suffering from poor connections or bad hardware.

I had that problem with an old 10mb switch, just a thought.

Its a 10/100 switch. Thanks.

TonyPh, When streaming 16megabit (when it works fine) I find that it only uses 10-20% of Network Utilization. I will try again with different wiring. Thanks.

Well after replacing the wiring im able to stream without problems.

The key is to have one wire with no breaks going straight from the router to WD Live. What I mean by breaks? Well, this is how I had it set up. My router with a computer that holds all my movies are in the basement. I have a cat 6 running from the router to wallplate on the second floor behind the entertainment center. A wallplate has a cat 5/6 wall jack on it so I was just using a 6 foot cat 5 from WD to the wall jack. The key was to run a brand new cat 6 and just put the ends on it without setting up a wall jack. One end goes into WD  and the other into the router. This makes connection much better and Im happy to report that I was able to stream 20m bits movie without issue. I will test is with higher bitrate.

Sounds like the jacks were poorly terminated. The presence of a jack shouldn’t cause any issues at all.

Thanks for the follow up!

zanosg wrote:

The key is to have one wire with no breaks going straight from the router to WD Live.

Not really. I have 2 ‘breaks’ and it works perfectly.

Could be that you are just better at terminating things.