WD TV Live Gen3 Best Firmware?


I received my WD TV Live today, Gen3 and it came with firmware 1.09.10.  There is an update available (1.11.14).  Is it worth me upgrading?

After a bit of testing (streaming via windows share, connected to router via ethernet cable), the only real issue I’ve had so far was with .iso files.  The screen would go blank on the majority of them, then the WD would reboot.  I found a thread somewhere here with the advice to change the frame rate setting but also in that thread, it’s reported that the issue had been solved with 1.09.10.  In my case the issue was there from the start with 1.09.10.

After changing the frame rate setting, I only had one problem when I accenditally clicked ‘back’ whilst watching the film.  I clicked play again and was given the option to ‘resume’ or ‘restart’.  I clicked resume and after a lengthy pause and black screen, the WD rebooted.  Once rebooted I was able to resume again from where I left off.

Would appreciate some advice please :slight_smile:

Hi, you can view the release notes to see the changes and you can always roll back to the previous version in case you find problems. 



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Thanks.  I’ve updated to 1.11.14.  Although I’ve not had the chance to test it properly, all is looking good so far :slight_smile: