WD TV Live Gen 3 and Netflix subtitles

I just got Netflix and started using it on my WD TV Live Gen 3. I have selected white subtitles in Netflix and subtitles are white when i use Netflix on my PC or tablet. On WD TV Live Gen 3 the subtitles are however yellow. I remember reading somewhere that at least somewhat recetly you were also able to get white subtitles on On WD TV Live Gen 3. Is there any way to get those subtitles white, or is this a Netflix issue? I have the latest firmware installed.


Currently, the subtitles on netflix are controlled by the application itself. You wont be able to change the color of the letters, it will depend on the subtitles that comes with the file that you are playing.


Well actually you can change the color of subtitles in netflix and it works on at least some of the supported Netflix devices. I read somewhere that it also worked on WD TV Live Gen 3 earlier this year, but stopped working at some point. Currently I’m able to use that changed subtitle colors on my Windows and Android devices, and according to some other forums it works on some Playstations as well.

Make sure to add this to the ideas board for the media player to see if that can be implemented within the settings.