WD TV Live Full HD 1080p resets after log in to Youtube account


my TV Live Full HD 1080p resets when I’m trying to log in to my Youtube account.

I have the latest firmware updated. Has somebody seen such a problem?

Not 100% sure but seems that it happend after the firmware update, because an update - it was

a very first action I made after geting the Ethernet cable.




it’s also reboots with old firmware. **bleep**…

Mine does exactly the same thing?  Any help on this yet?

Yes The same problem from Turkey. I was thinking that this is a problem related to DNS Because in Turkey, we use modified DNS setting to access Youtube. Waiting any support on this issue.

I didn’t see this thread before I made my post. Yes I have the same problem. I have tried 2 units and they both have the same problem. When I returned the first the sales person said “That is the second one returned today for the same problem”. It sounds like a wide spread problem.

I am also having the same problem. It is really annoying to see the device getting rebooted in the middle.

Happens to me too.

it’s odd because till few days ago all was functioning well and happened all of a sudden without changing the firmware

tchutchy wrote:

it’s odd because till few days ago all was functioning well and happened all of a sudden without changing the firmware

well if that is the case then youtube must have changed something which is capable of rebooting the wdtvl :smiley:

but more importantly, is it causing problems for other media players that are able to access youtube as well?

if its not, then we need to start getting angry…and get the software guys to wake the **** up :wink:

same here :frowning:

really disappointed, just got box off Amazon for Christmas , mainly to watchYouTube… :frowning:

I just purchased my WDTV Live a week ago, and updated to the latest Firmware, I’m getting the reboot issue as well when trying  to sign on to my  YouTube account.  :mansurprised:

Yup, same here in the netherlands …resets after logging into youtube account !! I have the lastest firmware installed.

Time for WD to fix all the mistakes and release more stable firmware updates.

having same issue, just started approx dec 17 or 18.  firmware does not appear to be the issue. why and how would youtube login force a power cycle on the wdtvlive box? awaiting fix, hope comes soon. this is a major feature of this Live unit. 

Same problem in Spain.

Last update, log in into your account and reboots.

Waiting for next firm update :o)

I have the same problem. (I’m from Romania)

It seems like a general issue.

Please solve it with the next firmware update :slight_smile:

It happened to me too, I tried to set up my login account or try to browse you tube, and the machine reset completely, it is really annoying completely.

I got HIGH SPEED internet conection in Canada and it get me annoying by booting the  wd tv live every time that I tried to log in my you tube account.

I bought this player today. I have the exact same problem. I had it before i upgraded, then i upgraded, and still the same. I was hoping the upgrade would fix it, but no luck. we need someone from WD to take a look at this. This is one of the most important features of this player. If it ain’t working, then it’s just a **bleep** shame…

Hey it happened to me as well. but I kinda figured out why this happened.

I think it happens when  you happen to have more vidoes uploads, playlist and favorites.

So I created a brand new youtube account and logged in from wd live and keep adding videos to my new account.

I KNOW. this is not a solution but just a workaround. So, enjoy my trick while WD works on this issue.

Same for me. I have Version .11 but Logging in crashes the box. The first time it worked, but after I once  clicked on “My Playlists” the box keeps resetting every time I try to log In to Youtube.

I have a simple YouTube account with only a few favorites.