Wd tv live freezes during playing video

Hello everybody,

I ve been using my device 3 years already and I never had such problem before. While playing video, it doesn’t matter after long time, the video freezes and I can’t turn off the decide or visit the home button. The only way after freezing it’s to remove the power supply cable and out it back.

my network set up, movies stores in Mac hdd and from network share Mac, I see the sharing disk and go inside.

i have two devices and to both it happens the same for the last 1-2 months.

thank you

Join the club, see this link: WDTV Live G3 suddenly started behaving weirdly

My wd-tv live kept freezing up which was a pain having to reset or unplug the power continuously. There is a thread on this site that describes what to disable in the software but I’m not that much of a computer geek to know how to implement fix. However, I found that if you restore the set by to factory settings and then starting over on setup, just don’t connect to the internet, problem solved. Now this effectively disables Netflix, etc. however my main purpose is just to watch movies from an external drive and it was worth it to me to loose the ‘live’ feature of the wd tv live. there you go…