WD TV Live freezes after 7-8 minutes


My newly bought WD TV Live freezes after running 7-8 minutes and shows error later.

I bought it last week from Singapore. When I plug in with my Sony Bravia (KLV-BX40) using HDMI, it shows an error (“Unrecognized signal. Please check device output”) just running after 7-8 minutes. I tried changing HDMI port and cable, also upgraded to latest firmware. I tested with other TV whether anything wrong with my TV, but no improvement.

Is there any solution of this problem without going for service? Please help…


Are you playing from an attached drive or streaming over a network?.  If network, are you streaming wirelss g, n or are you wired?

You say you tested on another TV.   What were the results?

Have you tried a component connection instead of using HDMI?  If so, what was the result?

Just trying to narrow down where the problem is.