WD TV Live for powerpoint or video

I would like to use this WD TV Live player to play powerpoint presentations on screens.

It’s important to me that:

I am not connected wirelessly

I can update a flashdrive once weekly and use the flashdrive to contain the files to play

I can loop indefinitely

Does this seem like something the WD TV Live will handle for me in conjunction with a USB drive? If I understand correctly I would convert the powerpoint file into a JPG and go from there.

Next, could I add music?

Can I add actual video’s such as youtube videos?

Lastly, could I use Windows Movie Maker to create a video that would contain my slides and my videos, music etc, and put those on the thumb drive to play? I ask because I do not see in WMM where I can save as anything slide of MSWMM files. (Great chance I am not familiar enough with the WMM). Is there a better or easier suggested way to make these movies that would be a mix of youtube and JPEG’s mixed?

Thank you for any help. I have done some searching but I see most of this info is from 2010, I am hoping there have been a few updates since then!

Exactly, you need to convert the powerpoint slides to a picture format, and yes you can start playing an mp3, press the home button and then start the picture slide show. If you need to uses videos then creating a video with an editor like windows movie maker would be the best option.