WD TV Live firmware release (version 1.01.12) - Important update

A small percentage of our users are experiencing a problem with WD TV Media Players when they update to the newest firmware release (version 1.01.12).

We’re investigating the issue. Until we indentify the root cause, we’ve removed update version 1.01.12.

If you’ve successfully updated to version 1.01.12 there’s nothing further you need to do.

If you are experiencing any problems with your WD TV player, contact our customer service at http://support.wdc.com/contact/index.asp?lang=en

As soon as we learn more we’ll post the information here.

Well mine seems to work fine after the update (touch wood).

But is it safe to employ future patches? :slight_smile:

Is Europe, Australia and the States considered a small percentage???

What next ???

Count Europe in too. Could You just admit that this happend to not just a small percentage of those who got the update before you pulled it. [text deleted] 


small percentage of all WD user maybe :wink: Or maybe a small percentage of all produced WD Live units. But I can’t beleview it’s a small percentage of all WDTV Live useres which upgraded to version 1.01.12.

Nevertheless. Would be nice to have a fix for that problem. Especially  if the box has to be exchanged. The failure is on WDs side… That means why do we (the users) have to care about shipping fees? And why shall we get uses units (via RMA).

An small percentage? I don´t think so.
I live in Colombia, South America, so who will cover shipping costs?

Hope can fix at home.

I am experiencing the same problem. I live in Saudi Arabia. Will WD pay for my shipping costs if I have to return the unit???

Same problem as everyone else. Would appreciate a little guidance about what to do next? Wait. **bleep** to the store (is it really their fault?). Come on WD, some kind of response please, it’s been more than a day.

Mine too is bricked.  I’m in Canada and I have it for less then 10 days and now it’s unsuable…

It’s clear that WD try to minimize the effects of the bad firmware.  We call it “damage control”!!!  They will never admit that they bricked A LOT of units.

I’ll wait 3-4 days before RMA it with NCIX.com.  At least, I’ll receive a new unit if I RMA it from the store…

I just returned mine to the store that I bought it **bleep** everyone.

Mine is bricked too. I’m in Ireland. Bought mine from Pixmania.

Until now I got the best support from WD and I’m sure they will solve the problem and nobody will regret to trust in WD.

I don’t know how this is going to be solved but for sure we don’t need to worry about costs. (after all this was not our fault)

I only regret not having the WDTVLive for the weekend.

 I’ll buy another unit as soon this problem is solved :slight_smile:

Two things I suggest

  1. Western Digital should NEVER release a firmware update before the weekend. Follow Microsoft’s example and make it a Update Tuesday (though Mondays are not bad either). That way if this ever happens again staff will be on hand to help.

  2. We should wait until Monday and see what they are going to day and do. Anything else is pure speculation. Let WD have a chance to get back to work before commenting on their lack of service.

I totally agree with you, Phoenix.

Some of the comments from the users on this forum are not even remotely constructive. I can understand that people are frustrated, but it certainly does not help to have such an attitude. Before this error occurred, everybody was very happy with the product. We should all give WD a chance to fix this. I am sure that there will be a solution to this, one way or another.

It seems the “small percentage” is increasing dramatically. Anyhow, phoenix is right, its a good idea to wait till Monday and wait for a response. 

The original thread about the **bleep** (that bleep would be    fi r m w a re  )  the problem here is WD ignored the problem, and didn’t much care to even acknowledge it until the weekend now they leave it open ended, when if ever we find a solution we will let you know.

Seems they spend more time on the forum trying to bleep people than fix their firmwear. They have been working on that over the weekend it seems.

The original thread about the **bleep** (that bleep would be    fi r m w a re  )

I can’t believe in it! :slight_smile: **bleep**?

I’m deeply disappointed with the way WD has been dealing with this issue. 

Fortunately, I haven’t been bitten with the new firmware BUT I have recommended this device to friends.  Nothing more has been stated by WD other than deflections and excuses. I’m also saddened by the appearance that WD is censoring this forum.

WD: Say something that isn’t just an excuse.  What’s going on?

Any news?

WD : Please tell us something today.

Looks like this is not sensorship - it’s only a bug (some would say “a feature”) :slight_smile:

WD is definitely aware of the situation and they are working on a  firmware update as fast as they can.  

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