WD TV Live file sharing issue

looking for some help with file sharing on latest WD TV Live. I have shared a folder on my laptop hoping to view video files directly from it. I am able to begin the video playback but this keeps stopping after ~23 minutes. Is there some setting i might have missed in the setup or some fix that someone might be able to point me too?


Can you give us more information of your network setup? Wired or wireless, what OS are you using, etc…

Thanks, it is a wireless connection and i am running vista of the laptop. I had installed the most current firmware version on the WD TV live device and followed the details in the user manual for sharing a folder from vista (Pg 39 on)

It is most likely a bandwidth issue with your wireless!  Try using a crossover cable from your laptop direct to the wdtv live as a test.  I have over 700 high def movies in .vob format on a server here at my house and they failed at wireless streaming. 

Once I wired it… flawless playback!