WD TV live emulator

Any smarty pants out there considered creating an emulator for the WD TV Live Box?

Or better yet why doesn’t Western digital release one?

This would make life easier; I’m surprised they didn’t give us software for the PC with it. Esp. with a device that connects wirelessly.

Well, I can’t say with anyone will ever come out with something, but I highly doubt it.

As for WD doing it, you can see their response to that here:


“priority issue” is this translated as “we are to lazy?” or “we already have your money so too bad”

It’s not just about theme testing either there are many other advantages for a emulator, as I said this software should be standard with all devices like this. Even my old mobile phone had it and that’s many years old.

It’s a good way to promote products, pll can preview the product, before they buy.

They could even do it simple and not emulate the bugs.

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