WD TV Live doesn't see a 2Tb HD in wi-fi LAN

Hi all, 

I have got a WD TV Live (last available firmware) on my wi-fi domestic LAN. The WD TV Live sees properly my home PC (Windows 7), but not all the hard disks. It sees: 

  • USER (into C: ) 

  • D:  

But it doesn’t see the E: hard disk, that is the most important because includes all multimedia content. The E: is shared with the same attributes as D: and USER. The only difference is that E is a phisical 2Tb HD (not a partition). It could be that WD TV Live is not able to read 2Tb disks? 

Is there anyone who knows if there are limits like that? 

Thank you very much! 


On your PC, issue the command

net use

And post the output.


here it is: 

State: OK

Local: (void) 

Remot: \conte11\IPC$

Net: Microsoft Windows Network

Are these info useful? 

Thank you very much


Or which exact command have I issue?