WD TV Live doesn't read audio file from "All music" entries while playing from the "folder" entry

Hello all,

I’ve quite a strange problem with my WD TV Live.

I have a 2 Tera WD My Book connected through the USB1 port. This HD contains my whole music library (something like 17000 audio files).

Accessing these files thourgh the Music --> Local drives --> Folders is working fine!

Tryinbg to access it from any other entries below the Local drives (Artist, Album, Genre, All Music) is just not working.

I can see all music from the list but when trying to play it my WD TV Lives is just jumping from one entry to the following without readint them.

If I paused the reading, I get the message that the file format is not supported BUT the exact same file is read without any problem  from the folder entry.

Does anyone already met that issue or know how to solve it?


Papaxa (a frustrated WD TV Live user :angry: )

Hi there, did you check if the media library is working fine? You’ll have to make sure the drive is not full since the library needs to cache some files on the drive and it needs write permissions.