WD TV live doesn't eject flash drive

Hi everybody. Please, I’d like someone to help me. I have WD TV Live and used to use it with no problems. However, after I updated the firmware to 1.13.18 version, the player doesn’t eject my flash drive correctly as it used to do. I click “eject” button on remote control and the loading small picture keeps spinning on the center of the screen. Yesterday I updated to the latest firmware, 1.14.09 version, but it didn’t change anything. Even the power button doesn’t work while the player is trying to eject the flash drive. It’s like if the player freezed at this moment of ejecting. At the end, I have to power off the player by uplugging the cable from the wall socket. Does anybody know how to solve my problem? I’m sorry if this issue has already been discussed in this forum, but I tried to make a research before to post here and found nothing posted recently. Thanks everyone.

Known bug, no fix yet.