WD TV Live does not work when connected to My Passport

Another problem has just arisen

Having given up on trying to access my media on my Mac with a wireless network share (Password/Username invalid), I decided to buy a WD My Passport 1TB.

I formatted the drive to Fat32 after reading the posts in this forum (I’m aware that many of you prefer the other formats). I then loaded it up with all the media from my Mac and safely disconnected the MyPassport.

When I plugged the MyPassport into the WDLTV’s front usb port, the player would not switch on and didn’t respond to the remote. So I unplugged the Passport and hey presto, it switched on!

As soon as I plugged the Passport back in though, the remote stopped working again, and the light on the Passport began flashing. Basically, I cannot use the remote while the Passport is connected to the player…

Anyone else heard of this happening before?

How long did you wait for the flashing to start?   The flashing is normal – that’s the indication that the WD is accessing the drive and building the media library.

I don’t know. I’ve just connected it again, and will let you know how long it takes for the flashing to stop.

Ok it works now, thanks. It took about 20 mins to stop flashing, but that could just be because I had loaded so much onto the Passport.

Panic Over!