WD TV Live / DLNA stops

Just bought one of these units, A) to play video files from my DLNA server to the tv in my living room, and B) to review on my radio show.

Out of the box, everything seemed to work, I did the firmware upgrade, and tried to play a few videos off my local server.

Videos play for less than 30 seconds, at which point I get the following screen:

This happens with every video I try, and when I click “OK,” I have to re-navigate through the entire folder structure to get back where I was.

I have yet to play a video from start to finish. None of my other media streaming devices (I have several, but won’t say brand names in here) have this issue… Anyone else experience this? Or know if there’s a fix?

Your screen shot is blank – awaiting approval from the WD censors, so let us know what it says. and perhaps you can get help sooner.

So just to be clear, this is a pic of the TV directly connected to the HUB playing media that is local on it, or is it the DLNA client recieving from another server?


Have you downloaded the user manual to see if this comment is referred to in there?  Also check the WD knowledge base.  I have no idea what it means is going on.  Maybe someone with a Hub can tell.

Oh, here’s an idea.  If you are connecting wirelessly and have a weak connection, you would lose signal and disconnect your last connected storage.

If you have updated the firmware you should do a full factory reset especially if you’re having problems since the update.

I see that message on mine if I was connected to, for example, a USB device and then put the Hub in standby or powered it down and removed the device. Next boot of the hub can’t find that device and displays this message. I’m pretty sure if I was to go into the other room and turn off the Live Plus I have with a drive connected after having been accessing that drive on the Hub and powered it off first next time the Hub would display this message as the Live Plus is still off and drive is not available. So, if you lost access to your network for some reason I would bet it would display then as well.