WD TV Live crash after firmware upgrade to 1.07.15


After updating the firmware on my WD TV Live to 1.07.15, the mediacenter has gone crazy. The update went fine, but when turning on after the last reboot of updating, the mediacenter continues to reboot after getting in to the mainmenu. It is not possible to access the menues by the remote, before it rebootes again. It is not even possible to power off the mediacenter with the remote.

I have tried to cut off the power supply without succes - the mediacenter continues to rebot when powering up.

As i’m not able to go to the menues and use the remote, it’s not a option to do a firmware rollback.

Do you have any good ideas on what to do?

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Try disconnecting it from the network and any attached USB devices.

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Perfect - disconnecting the lan combined with a reset did the trick!

Thank you for your quick response.

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