WD TV Live Cover Art thumbnails on movie folder (VIDEO_TS) question

I have this great newly bought WD TV live (WDBGXT0000NBK) 2011 edition with the newest available firmware.

The box is connected to the wireless network and has a 1TB USB harddrive connected, with only movie files in it.

I have read lots of other threads, both here and on other forums, but I still cant get it to show cover art thumbnails (.jpg cover art) on my movies located in seperate VIDEO_TS folders.

All my other movies, which are movie files (mpeg, m4v, mkv etc), shows the thumbnails flawlessly (as I read other users experience as well).

In my USB harddrive I have 5 main folders, 2 of them named “Kids Movies” and “Movies”.

These 2 folders are built up the same:

In each folder there is relevant movie files and folders (f.ex. in “Kids Movies” there are movies like Aladdin.mpeg, Antz.m4v, which the “Get Content info” has provided cover art for and shows up as thumbnails over each movie - but there are also folders named “Tangled”, “Bee Movie” where inside these folders are located a “AUDIO_TS” and a “VIDEO_TS” folder with all the VOB files etc.).

Its these folders that dont have thumbnails showing.

These are the options I have tried so far:

  • “Get Content Info” - works fine, but doesnt show a thumbnail in the browser.

  • Putting a “folder.jpg” in the “Tangled” folder AND in the “VIDEO_TS” folder.

  • Putting a “Tangled.jpg” in the “Tangled” folder AND in the “VIDEO_TS” folder.

  • Putting a “folder.jpg” in the “Tangled” folder AND a “VIDEO_TS.jpg” in the “VIDEO_TS” folder.

All these “VIDEO_TS” movies are shown, in the browser, as a “Video Camera” icon. Some of them I can simply click on and the movie starts automatically, others I have to further click on a “VIDEO_TS” folder and then select the VOB file/movie file. 

Once again all these folders are without a cover art thumbnail.

I really hope you can help me out.


Suggest you start by searching in the correct forum.

The forum you posted in is for the 2009 WDTV.

The 2011 Live SMP is here:   http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Media/ct-p/wdtvlive_streaming

Thanks Tony, sorry about that.