WD TV Live constantly rebooting

Turned on the box today, saw a firmware update available, so I updated.  It downloaded successfully and installed.  The box restarted - “WD TV Live” screen comes up.  It says “Loading…”.  The dashboard comes up, and immediately shuts down. The box reboots and loops endlessly.

Hi, that sounds like the firmware did not installed correctly. Try disconnecting the power cable for a couple of second and then plug it back in, if the problem continues you need to contact tech support to check the warranty and replace it if possible.

Try removing any attached USB devices. Also, try using the Reset button on the device. Hold it for one second. But I don’t know if it will work, if the device hasn’t finished the boot sequence. I don’t know either if it works in sleep mode (when you normally turn off the device with the remote), but maybe you can put it in that mode before it reboots, and then press the Reset button.

In the end I tried turning it on whilst holding in the reset button.  It now works just fine *shrug* go figure.