WD TV Live cant see my NAS (cifs/smb)

Hi all, i recieved my new toy today set it all up etc and went to add a share but it cant find my NAS, well actually it can because it finds the DNLA folders on the NAS but it dont find CIFS/SMB Share, im on the latest firmware and the NAS is a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo, pleasae can anyone shed some light on this please



Are the WORKGROUP names matched?

Hi mate, no there different :cry:

I can see the NAS on my ipad 2, apple tv 2, iphones, popcorn hour c-200, pc etc

They need to be the same.

Set the SMP’s Workgroup name to match the others’.

Sorry mate what do you mean by the others??

p.s Done it mate, thank you so much