WD TV Live can't play chapters with ISO?

I recently bought a 2TB external hard disk and am now starting to rip my bluray discs for WD TV Live playback. I use AnyDVD HD to make bluray into ISO file so that I will not lose quality. I tested with bluray Avatar and it played fine.

The problem is, I can’t get the movie fast forward or select a chapter to play. WD TV Live shows chapter option, but it becomes grayed out when I start to play bluray ISO. When I fast forward, it takes long time before it play again.

Did I do something wrong or should I try with another program? How do you guys fast forward/rewind/access chapters with bluray?

Running into the same chapter issue. The playback runs smooth… but no chapters. Waiting for firmware upgrade.

Have you tried the prev or next buttons on the remote?

Chapter Nav is not supported with BluRay ISOs.

You’ll have to rip your BD to a format that does support chapters, like MKV.

ISO Chapter Nav is only supported in DVDs.


Thanks. Looks you know much about WD TV. So what program do you recommend for BD to MKV ripping? I’d like to keep best quality.

I use handbrake. H.264 in MKV container, high profile, RF21+ with audio passthru.

I gat a 5 fold reduction in size from BD and can’t pick the difference.

I should add a 2 hour movie will take ~ 6 hours processing on an Intel Core 2 Quad @2.5GHz.

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Handbrake is good, but the conversion take a long time. I think you can try Makemkv or Bytecopy. Use MKV backup mode(keep the orignal audio and video) the conversion take under an hour, and WD TV Live play the MKV with chapters is ok. Hope it helps.

You end up with large files

There are lots of tools for BD ripping, I think you can pick up one for your needs:

For hacking BD copy-protections and full copy: AnyDVD HD (ISO), MakeMKV (MKV), etc

For keeping main movie and desired audios, subtitles: MakeMKV, etc

For shrinking BD to smaller size: Handbrake, Blu-ray Ripper, etc

I’m now using ByteCopy cause it does all of these. My Live plus plays the MKV without hassle. Sometimes also use Handbrake to convert the MKV to my HTC Desire.

Personally I suggest you try all of them before you detemine which to buy. Everyone has his own hobbyhorse. You’ll never know if it is a good match for you without trying. :smiley:

Decryption depends on local legal issues - so no comment.

Handbrake is free and released under the general GNU licensing arrangements and is intended for encoding/transcoding. It has been around quite a while and kept up to date.

I consider it quality software and usable by the newcomer if you stick to limited defaults. It’s full range of settings could make your head spin. I’ve found it’s output fully compatible with WD TV Live.

It will shake the cobwebs out of your CPU though.

Seems  ByteCopy a nice program.but  I’ll try it and others out later. Just a question, can this program rip bluray without quality degradation?

Hi, Anime_fan

Excellent job…very helpful information for me.I ripped blu-ray Avatar using makemkv,bytecopy,dvdfab,and then played the blu-ray rips on my WD TV live ,all files play well. But if you want to display chapters and subtitles,just try bytecopy .