WD Tv Live can't find my N wifi network

Hi all

With the new wd tv live i can’t find my wifi 5gz network from my apple Extreme.

it’s find only the G…but it’s seems like the N dosn’t exist for it.

Obviously the N net works great with any other device in my house, like my mbbro or ipad3, that find correcly the SSID called mynet5.

The wdtclive finds only mynet, without 5 that it’s the second wifi net that my apple xtreme is publishing.

Can you help me?

I’ve just updated to the last fw and used the magic “reset button” but with no luck


The SMP only does 2.4GHz.

So if i set my N to 2.4 instead of 5, should works?

Luke77 wrote:
So if i set my N to 2.4 instead of 5…

Not sure what that means.