WD TV Live cannot see films

Can someone please advise what is wrong with my systems.

My TV Live cannot see all the DVD & Bluray films I have placed onto My Book Live.

They are all written onto My Book Live using a windows7 PC and any one of 3 DVD copy/backup/rip programs.

I would like to be able to see a list of my films after storing them in the Public Shared folder on my My Book Live. I can see the first 2 films placed there but now I’m not seeing any new films in any directory via the My TV Live, (WDBGTX0000NBK-01) Video’s option.  Can anybody assist with this problem please.

How are you accessing the My Book Live from the WDTV Live?   Via Network Shares, or Media Server?

Not sure, but I think its media server. When I go to Videos it shows MyBookLive at the top of the screen. Why do you ask this? I can see the first films I put on the mbl but not the ones i’m putting there now. I have tried a factory reset and then reconnected it to the wireless BB (BT fibreoptic).

jamaar wrote:

Why do you ask this?

… because media servers don’t generally support DVDs or any type of ISO.

What formats are you ripping to?

MP4 which is put on the MBL as a .m4v, like I said before I can see the first 2 films but not the latest ones, they are always done to the same output type, even tried doing the first film to .mkv but MTL cannot see that either. freeware programs used Handbrake & Dvdfab.

Many thanks for your replies.

Perhaps the media server within the My Book live is not updating. You could try connecting to the My Book live web interface and manually trying a rescan or you could connect to your My Book Live via network shares and overcome the problem completely.

Sorry I omitted to say, my laptop, the one doing the job of writing to the MBL, can see ALL the films placed on it!

And how does your laptop see all films. As I said have you tried connecting to the MBL via network shares, that should see all your files.

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Sorry for slow reply was not at home Wednesday. I did another device reset and set it up again this time using network share rather than media server, as i had already setup a films userid on the MBL i just had to put the user & password into the MTVL. You were right to suggest that as I can now see ALL the films I put on the MBL even an ISO!

I can now tidyup the public/films directory on the MBL and start to put more onto it. Big question is why couldn’t all the films be seen when connected via the media server which I’m sure everybody would do as both devices are from the same supplier. Anyway Many many thanks for your help and suggestions. I think I can live with it this way just another option to go throught to get to the films.

Simply because media servers do not support all filetypes, like ISO for example.