WD TV Live cannot see any playlists

I’ll walk you through what I’ve done so far:

I own a DLink NAS DNS-321, mapped to M:

My music is located at M:\Music and oragnized like…

M:\Music\van halen\1984 etc, etc,

M:\Music\van halen\Women and Children First

M:\Music\led zeppelin\Houses of the Holy

I think you get the idea and I think that folder organization doesn’t work via Media Server after reading thrugh all these posts but that should not matter in reagrds to this issue…

Created a playlist using Windows Media Player 11 which creates a .wpl located at M:\Music\My Playlists

I coped the .wpl file (which accoridng to what I’ve read, a .wpl file should work.) and also put it at the root of M:\Music.

I refreshed my NAS device so the UNPnP could see it just in case.

I got to Media Server, playlists and the WD TV Live player cannot see any playlists.

I’d assume that even if it couldn’t play the play lists due to folder structure issues, that it would at least see them.

So my question is, how do I get my WD TV Live player to actually SEE my playlists, I’ll worry about directory structure later.

I currently have the NAS device looking at the root of my M: drive not directly to M:\Music.

I hope I’ve given enough information.