WD TV Live and Western Digital - My Book Elite 1TB External USB 2.0

I recently purchased both.  When I hooked up my HD to the Live, I was able to watch a movie then turned it off after.  When I went back to try and watch a movie, everything on my HD was deleted.  I had to use a recovery program to get my files back, then had to format the drive.  I thought maybe it was just a fluke so i tried it again and lone behold, the lcd screen on the HD went blank and I was unable to access any movies from the Live.  Hooked my HD up to my computer and luckily, everything was deleted this time.  Any ideas why this was happening?  i tried this twice and it was the same issue.  Am I using the wrong HD???

I have 1tb WD my book Essential and a 500g IDE in a USB external case and they both work fine also accessing a couple of HD’s in the computer through the network.

Do you eject the USB driver before powering down the WD? I never lost a drive, but the WD would not recognize it the next time if I this was not done first. cj

No, I just pull the drive.  Maybe I should.

Mostly when I want to transfer anything to the drives I use a LAN cable so I don’t now need to pull them.

I take no chances… Even when I am accessing my NSA and the USB drive is attached, I eject the USB before powering down the WD. cj