WD TV Live and WD ShareSpace 8TB

Man am I perplexed. I’ve been reading through these forums a few weeks now and seems I may have a unique setup. WDTV HD Live and WD Sharespace 8TB NAS. I have broken or scratched more tham my share of discs trying to remove them from OR replace them in packaging even being careful. Looking for a solution I get these two devices. I like to make full sized 1:1 ISO copies of my discs and store them on the NAS. No problem right? Wrong. Seems the NAS has some antiquated Twonky server that does not serve ISO images. OK So I set up the network shares and browse. Even scanned the DVD covers into Folder.jpg files. Works GREAT as long as it’s not an HD DVD or Blu Ray DVD. Seems the Live can’t handle the data streams. NAS and Live are on a managed Gigabit  switch. Too bad no one had the fore sight to put a gigabit port on the Live.

Yes I know I can rip Blu Ray to MKV. Been there. Done that. Got the T shirt. Don’t wanna. If I copy the Blu Ray ISO to a My Book and plug it into the USB I can stream it just fine. Some movies select the wrong audio but I’m multi lingual so I can get past that. The USB Ports on the Sharespace are only for backing up. It would be perfect if I could plug the Live into the Sharespace with the USB connection. Two WD products that do not intergrate seemlesly. Hmm. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

I’m also posting this on the WD Live forum.

By the way you should see the WOW factor when I had this hooked up to a 32’ touch screen LCD TV. Major problem no way to browse effectively. I could write a third party app for that in my sleep.

Mike Kelley (not the “ex genius” one)