WD TV Live and WD My Book problem!

Good day!

I have a WD TV Live, WD My Book 1Tb connected via USB. WD TV Live is connected to Apple Time Capsule router (via ethernet cable).

I’m using MacBook (Transmission app) to fetch the movies off the bittorrent, and upload them direclty to My Book share.

The problem is - once the download procedure from macbook is started, WD TV Live refuses to play ANY video files. If I restart the box (via hard reset - power cord disconnect), it initates a rescan procedure - after which everythings works correctly.

Actually I thinks the problem is - that once someone is writting data to the harddrive attached to WD (via network share), the box loses the sync with the HD contents, and can not play anymore.

Would be grateful for any replies. Thanks alot!

have you tried deleting the folder that wdtv creates in the root dir of the mybook?