WD TV live and WD elements working with Mac OSX

I have a wD TV live and a 1 T WD elements HD. I want to load a lot of video/movie files  from my iMac (mid2010,Mountain Lion) on the elements HD .

My WD TV live is connected to TV with HDMI.Than I want to connect the elements HD to WD TV live with the USB cable, and play the video’s via the Media Library.

1st question:  Do I need to format the elements HD from NTFS  to Mac OSX journaled?  If yes, will the thus formatted elements HD be recoqnised by the WD TV live?

Or must I maintain the NTFS format on the elements HD?

2nd question:  Before I used a USB stick for loading video’s on the WD TV live. It took/takes forever to finish compiling the Media Library. As a matter of fact it never stops compiling. Will this be the same using the elements HD?

Reading some posts in this forum makes me not very optimistic.:wink:

Yes, you need to format the elements so you can transfer the videos, the WDTV is compatible with HFS+. Check the link below for the steps.