WD TV Live and Transcend StoreJet 25H2P (1Tb)

Hi all, my WD TV Live can not read the (1Tb)Transcend StoreJet 25H2P ( http://ec.transcendusa.com/product/ItemDetail.asp?ItemID=TS1TSJ25H2P)) but (500Gb) Transcend StoreJet TS500GSJ25M ( http://ec.transcendusa.com/product/ ItemDetail.asp?ItemID=TS500GSJ25M) reads very well. how to make friends 1Tb  with WD TV Live? All hard drives file system is NTFS. Yesterday I updated to firmware v1.05.04. Thanks for any advice.

The drive presumably requires more USB power than what the WDTV can provide.

1TB drives need more power than 500GB drives.

Many USB-powered drives don’t work well on some PCs and laptops, because the available USB power simply isn’t enough to run the drive.

The only apparent solutions would be to either use a power booster cable, and tie up both USB ports, or try a powered USB hub that outputs sufficient current to each port, and don’t bother trying to use the other ports of the hub for other drives, because it won’t work… or, you could return the drive and choose one with an external power supply.

Same problem here. And i think that the trouble is not in the power. Because of you do a master reset of WDTV, it detect HDD only once and can read a files, but after power off/on - there are no hard drive. Again master reset and it works.

more over, 25H2P  has splitted to 2 ports USB cable, iv’e used additional 5v 500a power source for it and no use

there are probably some king of a bug in firmware, my device has latest 1.06.15