Wd tv live and time capsule problem

I don’t know where I should be posting this so f this is wrong can someone point me in te right direction…

I bought te new MacBook pro just the other day along with time capsule (to use as an external hdd) and wd live.

So far I have connected it so the wd plugs into my tv via hdmi and the time capsule connects to the wd tv via Ethernet.
The time capsule is also connected to my Internet and also wirelessly to my MacBook.

After putting a movie on to test this it keeps popping up saying ‘there is no media in the folder’ I’m nt sure what I’m doin wrong? I have tried to add the time capsule to the ‘sharing’ bit on my mac but for some reason when I click add it doesn’t appear? Some help!!!

The time capsule must be available as a shared folder or media server in order for the WDTV to recognize it.