WD TV Live and Synology NAS Covers and Thumbnails

Hi all,

just want to share my findings since I was struggeling since days to see my movie/folder covers. Also the “options” key on the remote didn’t work as expected to add favourites or to read media info manually.


Synology NAS DS211+ with DSM 3.1 (discussed should be the same with other models and DSM versions, my DSM language is german, so I hope the translation is correct)

WD TV Live V2 Firmware (1.04.12)


Synology NAS

(1) put the videos into folders, ex.: folder: Matrix -> video-file: Matrix.mkv

(2) put cover/folder imgage into this folder, ex: folder.jpg and Matrix.jpg (name of cover image  must be the same as video file). Size of images should be 120x180 with 100dpi, format JPG

(3) Open Synology DSM and go to “Settings - Media Server - Search Settings”

(4) Set “include images as music and video covers”

WD TV Live

(1) Turn Media library “on” in system settings

(2) Connect new video library share. system settings - media library - madia library manager - add new share to media library

With these settings movie covers worked for me and also the options key on remote worked suddenly.

Hope this will help other people with the same problem.


Thank you for sharing this information.