WD TV Live and SRS TruSurround

Forgive me, for I am new here…but I have yet to find a solution from all my research.

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (WDBHG70000NBK-HESN) going HDMI 1.4 to a LG 42LH55, the LG 42LH55 going toslink to a Vizio VSB200-NA.

Both the LG TV and the Vizio soundbar have SRS TruSurround, and I am wondering how to pass a DTS 5.1 supported video from the WD TV Live through the LG TV to the Vizio soundbar.

I have even tested it with the WD TV Live going HDMI to the LG TV and from the WD TV Live going toslink to the Vizio soundbar, setting the WD TV Live to “Digital Pass-Through via Optical Only” but that only give me an error on the Vizio soundbar with no audio at all.

The Vizio soundbar does a great job at giving a virtual surround sound. I was watching Transformers (not through the WD TV Live) when I realized just how good it sounded, for it had a noise bouncing off the sides and back wall of the room. My wife was in the room doing something else (the room is a kitchen/family room) and stopped and ask what was the noise at the back of the room (she actually found it rather odd, but I loved it). This was achieved with the Vizio soundbar receiving the sound from the toslink cable going from the LG TV to the Vizio soundbar. The Vizio soundbar is the newest addition to my small home theater set, and I would really like to experience it with its full capability. I also use the WD Live TV quite frequently and would love for the above setup to work:

“…to pass a DTS 5.1 supported video from the WD TV Live through the LG TV to the Vizio soundbar.”

Please, I beg you for a solution, and I appreciate any help and/or advice that could be passed along.

… that’s because neither the LG nor the Vizio Soundbar support DTS.

The Soundbar doesn’t appear to do anything except “Stereo.”  

So in other words, you’re not going to be able to do anything except STEREO if you want the Soundbar to work.


I thought that was a possibility with the LG TV and the Vizio soundbar not having any indication of DTS, but I was hoping it was just an encoding method that was done on videos (and any system that support a 5.1 channel could play it), and I was missing something.

So the thing that is baffling me is what is with all this fuss that the LG TV and the Vizio soundbar have about the SRS TruSurround? I know, that it is really only going to be playing in stereo, since both the LG TV  has two speakers and the Vizio soundbar has four speakers, but I have had it give me a surround feel before (because the SRS is designed to trick your ears).

There is still something that I am missing in understanding all of this. I guess it is back to the researching table on some other things.

Thanks for the input.