WD TV Live and Samsung Smart TV - glitchy playback, stuttering

Hi all - 

I’ve used a WD TV Live for two years now, always with an old  Sharp 37" 720p TV. I recently upgraded to a 46" Samsung Smart TV, and suddenly my perfect WD TV is causing problems! Videos that used to play smoothly (720p MKVs mostly) now stutter, as though they are dropping frames every .5 seconds or so. When I disconnect the HDD from the WD TV and connect it directly to the TV via the USB on the TV, then the same exact files play smoothly on the TV. I’ve tried turning off every kind of processing (motion, de-noise, etc) and there is no benefit. The same files also play with no problem on the old Sharp.

Is this a known issue? Is there any possible resolution? I like the Smart TV, and I need it to play network shares, but if they aren’t playing smoothly, then I’m going to have to look elsewhere!

Gonna be able to check it tomorrow on my girlfriend’s Samsung. The LIVE-S works fine except for missing autoframe.

It’s not on every file, just a few, but it’s odd because I don’t understand how it could be choppy - it’s just an HDMI signal. It happens even if I change the res on the WD TV to 720p which is what it was on with the old TV.

Just tried the old LIVE on the 40" Samsung Smart TV and playback is as good as with the LIVE-S. No choppiness except the autoframe issue with panning scenes.