Wd tv live and plex question

I just installed plex on my computer.

I use this computer to stream to the wd tv live.

So, I now have set the wd tv live to the media server option using the red button.

All files show up and play, but I see so many folders!!!

I have folders like this: genre, year, recent added, last watched, director, country,…

I have all the filters from the plex program isnide my movie folders…

Is there a way to get rid of this and just see my library as it shows up on my computer within plex?

Out of interest why are you using plex. If you used network shares it would just show you the shared folder on your computer.

Cause I want to buy a second tv and was thinking to get a samsung smart tv so I could use plex on that one, and don’t have to buy a second streamer

I understand that you may have to use the smart TV with plex but why the WD player. You can use the TV with plex and WD player with network shares,.

The folders you talk about are generated by the plex server, as they are on most media servers.