WD Tv live 4 gen?

It’s some time ago since the WD Tv liv 3 gen came out, my question is then, is it a good idear to buy 3 gen or is the 4 gen soon comming? 

Interested in this too…

Slightly OT:

Cant find any mediaplayers that come close to WD TV Live Gen 3 in simplicity and function. Only drawback are the sluggish menus.

Apple TV is locked

A HTPC is expensive and time-consuming to set up.

My current system, Raspberry Pi with RaspBMC/XBMC is great but not that userfriendly to the rest of the household.

(and it lacks power-management and the ability to share a USBHD on my network in an acceptable way).

Go back to Gen 3 or wait for a Gen 4 with slightly beefier hardware?

So what about the Raspberry and DTS problems (or HD audio and 1080p MKVs in general)?

Hmm, still the reason why I am asking this question, is that i want to know if i should buy a 3 Gen? Just because if the 4 Gen is soon comming, i would rather buy that one insted of an 3 Gen… So I just trying to make sure, that I am not buying the 3 Gen and 2 weeks after the 4 Gen comes. 

I would like to know this as well. Im looking at getting the WD TV live in the next couple of days but wont will hold off if the next version is just round the corner!

Does anyone know of any development at least on the gen 4? Would it be another year or so or next week?

My main concern about getting the gen 3 is that ive read many reviews about the speed on the thing not being amazingly quick. I dont want it to be sluggish! Im assuming the next generation will be quicker and perhaps come with a qwerty keypad remote.