WD TV Live + 3TB External = Pain

Ran out of space on my Seagate 1TB drive housed in a Transcend StoreJet 35 Ultra external drive enclosure, which has always worked great with my WD TV Live - Firmware 1.06.15_v.

Today I’ve installed a new WD Caviar Green 3TB drive in the same enclosure - it seems to work perfectly in Windows 7 64bit however the WD TV Live does not recognise the drive.  It is currently formated using GUID (GPT) and I have tried a full 3TB volume or two 1.5TB volumes with no difference.  When plugged in the WD TV Live appears to slow down a little (menus progress slower) but the hard drive light on the front does not even flash.

I have read many accounts of USB hard drive problems being solved by reverting to the 1.05 firmware which I have tried to no avail.

Any ideas?

You may confirm with the enclosure manufacturer if it supports drives larger than 2 TB. Since firmware 1.05.xx the WD TV Live is able to detect drives larger than 2 TB.

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