WD TV Live 3gen and Bluray Iso

Hi, I’m using this player linkas a media player, recently I decided to copy all my bluray iso to a NAS. The Wd can see it and play it without a problem, the only thing is that when I want to change audio track I can’t see which language I’m choosing! I have to switch all of them to find the right one for me (same thing for the subtitles)

I’ve the last firmware and I used anydvd hd to create bluray iso’s.

PS i’ve tried the iso with a different player, a dune-hd smart b1 and they work just fine.

Thanks and sorry for my English!

I don’t use Bluray ISOs (only mkv) so what does the LIVE show, subtitle: unknown? That happens with various formats and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be fixed anytime soon.

I can only see the codec (DTS, AC3, ecc) but not the language (es ENG DTS of FRE DTS).

That’s a shame… :frowning:

I can confirm this problem.

I am also using anydvd hd to create bluray iso’s.

So at the moment there is no fix for this as far as i know.

Another problem with the blurays isos is that the wd live smp will automatically and only play the largest file in the .iso.

This can be the main movie, but there is no must.

so when you backup up a bluray as an iso to your nas try to play back the iso and see if its the main movie.